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District Museum - Donalda, Alberta

Donalda is a busy village with a population of around 240. Museum visitors will find everything they need to enjoy their visit.

Besides the Museum, Donalda boasts a hotel, a restaurant, a Post Office, a convenience store, a public art gallery, an antique store, a private gallery/antique store, and a public library with wireless Internet service.

And Donalda has some of the most beautiful scenery in the province. Railway Avenue, the main entrance to the village, looks out over the fabulous Meeting Creek coulee. The creek itself, named for its being the meeting place of the Cree and Blackfoot people during buffalo hunts, is a small stream at the bottom of an ice-gouged valley. Just east of Donalda is the spectacular junction of Meeting Creek and the Battle River.

If a village steeped in history on the edge of magnificent scenery is for you, Donalda is definitely worth the trip. We'll be waiting for you.